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Social Media can be hard, so we’re here to make it a little easier. Whether you’re a social media manager on the front lines or you’re an employer trying to get a handle on what the heck matters to your business, we've got you. The Grand Slam Social team has been managing social media for over 12 years. Our knowledge of the landscape, tools, tactics and consumer behavior runs deep and our team has a combined 14,000+ followers of our own. Drop us a note today, and let us help you simplify social media and make a realistic plan that works for you.



We work with clients to build comprehensive and actionable social media plans.

We can help build video, blog and social media content programs that attract, inform and engage your community.

We'll connect the physical and digital world to maximize event buzz on social media. 

The Grand Slam Social Team brings a wide variety of social media marketing and public relations experience working within the equestrian industry. 

Meet the Team

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Online Courses & Resources

  • What the Hashtag: Platforms
    Coming Soon!
    Online Course
    Coming Soon!
    Online Course
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube... Let us help you decide which platforms will be most beneficial for you and your business.
  • What the Hashtag: Tips and Tricks for Create a Branded Look on Social Media
    Coming Soon!
    Online Course
    Attention spans are shorter than ever, so your brand look matters! It is the key to capturing attention and developing brand recognition. Grand Slam Social has some great tips, tricks and hacks to help you keep your branding consistent across platforms.
  • What the Hashtag: Hacks that Change the Game
    Coming Soon!
    Online Course
    Content content content... social media simply gobbles content and it's hard to keep up! In this class, Team GSS will reveal our favorite hacks that will help you keep your channels churning and burning!
  • What the Hashtag: Impressions? Engagments? What does it all mean?
    Coming Soon!
    Online Course
    Social Media Reporting is getting more advanced every day. This course is designed to help you understand the terms and definitions of Key Performance Indicators of social media success. We'll define KPI's and show you how to navigate to analytics dashboards of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Insta!

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