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Blue Chip Farms

Blue Chip Farms is the leading commercial horse boarding and breeding farm in North America. With a strong roster of 9 Champion-producing stallions, GSS set to work helping promote Blue Chip's three pillars of business: Breeding, Boarding, and Yearling Sales.


To promote the 2018 Stallions and Yearling Crop, we used targeted paid social media to deliver video content to potential breeders and buyers. In 2018, GSS helped generate:


  • Over 1.7M Impressions

  • A 39% year-over-year increase in engagement

  • Engagements per post on Facebook jumped from 18 in 2017 to 120 in 2018

  • A 152% increase in referral traffic from social to web during yearling sale season and a 10% year over year increase overall compared to 2017

  • Over 205,000 views across platforms for Stallion and Yearling video content