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Welcome to Grand Slam Social

Hey there! 

Welcome to Grand Slam Social and welcome to the blog section of our site! The team at Grand Slam Social is beyond excited to share our journey in horse racing and social media, our trials and triumphs working as a small, remote agency, and just general life learnings and thoughts. 

We have an incredible team that we hope you will come to know and love by following our blog, and we look forward to learning more about you also! What you can expect from this series is to learn a thing or two about social media strategy, and to join a community of like-minded peeps in the social media profession. We’re here to live and learn from our #Fails, and to support each other in an industry that is changing so rapidly we’re sprinting to keep up! 

Thoughts, questions, blog topic ideas? We want to hear it all! 

Keep scrolling (or appropriate action) to get reading, and once again, welcome! Let’s get social!

-The Ladies of GSS

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