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Social Media Marketing

Your Strategic Partner

Social Media is constantly changing, growing, and “trending” every day. Without a powerful action plan and a dedicated team, many businesses fail to handle the pressure. Grand Slam Social is prepared to help any business with a customized digital marketing and social media strategy.


Social Media can be pretty intimidating without a solid game plan. Our strategies focus on building a roadmap to ensure your social media stays focused and goal-oriented all year long. Good social media comes from a plan that is integrated with PR, Marketing, Advertising and Branding. Strategies include: goals, approach, tactics, competitor analysis, consumer habits, suggested platforms, creative content programs, content templates, advertising plan and measurable objectives.



Social media management will include:

Daily creative content updates, live engagement with current trends, online advertising curation and management, creative graphics and short video development, speedy responses to messages and comments, and fan engagement.


Sometimes you just need a little bit of guidance!

Grand Slam Social works directly with your brand team to provide weekly or monthly social media consulting. We offer advice on the latest trends, platform strategies, content creation tips, advertising and social media training for in-house teams. .



From broad to specific audiences, GSS will create customized advertising plans for your community.

Social media advertising has exploded over the past few years, and the game is pay-to-play and here to stay. Since advertising campaigns tend to be living, breathing things, GSS will help identify your ideal target, create and optimize creative for best performing results.


It's all about that ROI!

We understand the importance of communicating social media ROI for your business. We use state-of-the-art analytics tools to showcase the success and value of social media efforts. Customized reports feature KPI's including impressions, reach, engagement, website traffic, clicks, fan growth and industry influence.


LIVE Events

"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

A detailed social media run of show is a MUST for live events. Our years of experience covering lilve events has made Grand Slam Social uniquely capable of planning for any and every outcome. Whether your audience is onsite, online, or at home watching television, we know how to engage fans and create the ultimate second screen experience.

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